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If it’s time to remodel your kitchen, be sure to visit our Las Vegas showroom located at 4955 South Durango. Whether you are wanting to update a few parts of your kitchen or remodel the entire room, we can help. Come see for yourself the products and materials that will make your kitchen remodel perfect, including sinks, plumbing, vanities, flooring, lighting, tile, and faucets, and more. Primo can help you plan and complete your entire kitchen remodel. Come by our showroom, discover products and materials, meet with our designers, and make your dream kitchen a reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cabinets account for about one-third to one-half of the total cost of the project and will have the greatest impact on your budget. They range in price considerably based on quality, the type of material they are made of, and whether they are stock (ready-made in specific sizes) or custom (produced specifically for your kitchen in whatever sizes and finishes are needed).

The material you choose for surfaces including counters, backsplashes and floors can also account for variations in price. Other key elements that factor into the equation are talent and workmanship. In the remodeling business, you tend to get what you pay for. An accomplished designer, skilled sub-tradesmen and expert installation crew may cost more. But you’ll appreciate their ability every time you use your kitchen.


No single element of a kitchen remodel comprises a significantly larger portion of the costs than other elements.  The type and quality of cabinets you select will affect your total costs.

Not surprisingly, fixtures and fittings account for a high-cost percentage in the kitchen.  Expense for fixtures and fittings will vary depending on the brand, type of materials, and array of products you select.

In kitchens, installation typically accounts for a quarter or more of the total cost.  This is because the installation work in a kitchen tends to be intricate (for example, tile setting).  If you’re looking to cut corners, this is probably not the place to do it.


How much you can or should attempt to do depends on your ability and knowledge of remodeling.  You’ll definitely be able to tear out old cabinets (be careful not to damage walls and beams), take up old vinyl flooring and handle trash removal. You may also want to paint or wallpaper on your own.  You’re better off letting the pros handle plumbing and appliance hook-ups – if you try it on your own, you may violate building codes or invalidate manufacturer warranties.  And let a professional installer put your new cabinets in so that they look their best.

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